Frequently Asked Questions

1. Getting started

Q. What is Paircode?


Paircode is an online platform that connects users and aims to boost productivity via real-time code collaboration.

We’re on a mission to build an integrated collaborative experience to help you brainstorm on projects, conduct technical interviews, and take your tutoring sessions to the next level.

Q. How do I use Paircode?


All you need to begin using Paircode is a web browser and someone to collaborate with. 🙂

Just visit paircode.io and click “Start a New Session”. No downloads necessary!

Q. How will using Paircode help me?


Paircode works on the principle of “paired programming”, an industry practice of pairing up developers to work together on a programming task. There are immense benefits to this - from sharing knowledge to producing better, more efficient solutions.

We want to supercharge this practice and give technical collaboration a boost, not just amongst developers working together on a team, but also for learners, educators, and recruiters!

Q. Is Paircode free?


Paircode is currently in beta, and you can use it completely for free!

Q. How do I sign up for an account?


Stay tuned for further updates! Personal user accounts are coming to Paircode soon. ✨

2. Collaborating within a session

Q. How many people can work together in a session?


We currently support two collaborators within a session.

We plan to expand support to multiple users soon.

Q. How do I invite someone to my session?


Once you click “Start a Paircode Session” we direct you to a page that contains the session URL and the session password. Copy and send this to your collaborator, and you’re good to go!

Reminder: please ask them to keep this information safe. All your sessions are password-protected and without it, you will not be able to enter.

Q. Where can I find a tutorial on how to use Paircode?


When you first enter a session, we automatically load a guide for you to help you navigate the interface!

Q. Which browser can I use for a Paircode session?


Paircode is optimized to work best on Chrome and Firefox, but you can also use Safari.

Q. I’m having trouble using Paircode. Help!


Please use the live chat on the bottom-right corner of our website to reach out, or write to us at support@paircode.io

We’ll do our best to help.

Q. What is Paircode’s policy regarding my data?


Please see our Privacy Policy for a comprehensive list of our data privacy practices.

3. Requesting a feature

Q. Can I request a feature?


Yes! Write to us at feedback@paircode.io

Q. Can I subscribe to product updates?


Of course! Please click here to be added to our mailing list.

We send out a digest with upcoming features to expect about once a month. No spam, we promise.

Q. Can I be a beta tester?


We would love for you to join our beta program.

Beta testers get an early look at product features and help us evolve. Click here to apply!

Q. Where can I see a list of implemented features?


We update our Changelog every time we release a new version! It contains a list of the latest Paircode features, fixes, and improvements.

Q. I found a bug/glitch! Can I report it? Can you fix it?


Thank you for trying to help make Paircode better. We really appreciate it. 🙂

Please write to us at feedback@paircode.io with the following:

Brief description of the problem

Steps to recreate the problem

Which browser you’re using

Browser’s version number

Bonus: if you can, add screenshots!